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12 Ways Black Therapists Deal with Racial Trauma: Tips about how to process racial trauma & practice self-care

Learn from Black therapists on how they process racism and what self-care methods are helping them right now


7 Cups connects you to caring listeners for free emotional support.

AAKOMA Project: 5 Free virtual therapy sessions for BIPOC young people

AAKOMA project offers resouces, events, and virtual therapy for people of color. Specifically Young people can get 5 virtual sessions free!

Act: Write down 3 activities that help you feel connected to yourself; do at least one this week
Alateen: A place for teens affected by someone else’s alcoholism to access resources and community

A place for young people who have been affected by someone else's alcoholism. Includes resources, live chat, and social spaces

Asian Mental Health Project

A resource that offers community check-ins and resources specific to asian mental health

Asian, Pacific Islander, and South Asian American Therapist Directory

We know that mental health can be challenging, Finding a Therapist shouldn't be- A helpul therapist tool for AAPI commnuity members

Ask Auntie: a place for indigenous young people to get answers about their health

Mental and Sexual Health support for Idengenous youth. Click here to Ask Auntie

Be There

Just talking about mental health isn’t enough. We need the knowledge, skills and confidence to step up and be there for one another.

Black Emotional and Mental Health Collective: Prompts for personal journaling or discussion with others

Check out these prompts for personal journaling or discussion with friends or family.

Black Female Therapists

This platform was created to promote, inspire, and elevate other black female therapists and create a safe space for black mental health.

Black Men Heal: Opportunities for free mental health treatment & resources for men of color

mental health treatment, psycho-education, and community resources for men of color

Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation: Free Local Virtual Support Groups for Black Youth

Checkout Free Local Youth Virtual Support Groups for Black Youth

Brown Girl Therapy
Brown Girl Therapy: A mental health community for children of immigrants on Instagram

Brown Girl Therapy offers a therapist directory and mental health coping mechanisms for children of immigrants

Coalition for Immigrant Mental Health: Resources for LGBTQ+ immigrants

Resources for LGBTQ+ immigrants

Comprender tus emociones
Crisis Text Line (Español): Text HOME To 741741 free, 24/7 Crisis Counseling
Crisis Text Line: Text HEALTH to 741741 or click this link for free, 24/7 crisis counseling

Text HEALTH to 741741 or click this link from your mobile phone for free, 24/7 crisis counseling.

Day One

The #1 app for journaling.

Dealing with stress and anxiety? Get Headspace free for teens!

Dealing with stress and anxiety is the #1 issue we hear about from young people. So we’ve partnered with Headspace to bring you hundreds of meditations and mindfulness exercises to support you—for free!

Directory of Therapists for Queer People of Color

We know that mental health can be challenging, Finding a Therapist shouldn't be- A helpul therapist tool for Queer PoC commnuity members

Erika's Lighthouse

Erika’s Lighthouse believes that teens, when given the right tools, can change the world. This webpage helps teens empower one another around mental health, depression and suicide awareness.

Grounding techniques: Refocus yourself with these techniques

Grounding techniques help control anxiety by turning attention away from thoughts, memories, or worries, and refocusing on the present moment.

GSA Network: Wellness resources for queer and trans young people

Wellness Resources for Queer and Trans young people.

Guide to dealing with family tension: tips to confront and cope with it

Here are some tips on dealing with family tension as well as how to cope with family drama when you need to take care of yourself

Headspace: Find your sense of calm with this mini meditation

A little bit of stress can be beneficial, but when stress overwhelms you, it can have serious health implications including anxiety, depression and cardiovascular disease. Fortunately, Headspace is scientifically proven to reduce stress.

Health Hub: Reliable information about a variety of health topics from Mt. Sinai Adolescent Health Center
imi guide

Guides built for and with LGBTQ+ teens to help explore their identity and support their mental health.

Immigrants Rising: Mental health connector that provides undocumented young people with psychological support

Mental health connector that provides undocumented young people with psychological support

Immigrants Rising: Wellness support group for undocumented young people

Wellness support group for undocumented young people

Inclusive Therapists: Inclusive mental health care for teens and adolescents

For a safer, simpler way to find inclusive mental health care, check out inclusive therapists for teens and adolescents

It Gets Better

(available in Spanish)

Jefferson Center: Tips to help navigate family conflict

When navigating family conflict, things can get messy. Here are some tips to help you appoach difficult topics and have calmer conversations.

Latinx Therapy: A directory of latinx therapists and latinx mental health resources

Access the therapist directory as well as the podcast on mental health topics related to Latinx individuals

Latinx Therapy: Find a Therapist

(Available in Spanish)

Línea Nacional de Ayuda de SAMHSA
Loveland Foundation

Loveland Therapy Fund provides financial assistance to Black women and girls nationally seeking therapy.

Mental Health America: How to talk to your parents (or other adults) about your mental health

Talking to parents about mental health can be scary for a number of reasons. Click here to learn about some common concerns for orther young people,and some tips on how to overcome them.

Mental Health Mukbang: Podcast about mental health for those who identify as Asian

A podcast about bringing asian culture and mental health to the table

(Available in Spanish) A comprehensive list of health hotlines, websites, and local health centers
NEDA: Espanol

Online community for those who are dealing with grief as a person of color

Q Chat Space

Online facilitated discussion groups for LGBTQ+ teens ages 13 to 19, available in Spanish weekly!”

Real Talk: App that gathers real stories from young people on topics including puberty, bullying, identity, and mental health
Reflect: Identify and reflect on 3 strengths you have and 3 things that make you unique
Reflect: What do you feel anxious about? Rate it on a scale of 1-10 & write down 3 healthy ways to cope
Scout by Sutter Health- free for selfsea users!

Scout is a digital program that supports everyday resilience and mental health for teens, young adults, and their caregivers with an interactive evidence-based toolkit of information, activities, and resources. Scout increases mental health literacy, reduces stigma, and regularly screens users for anxiety and depression with timely direct to seek clinical care whenever scores become moderate to severe. Enter code for a free sign up: scoutselfsea

Teens Health: Understanding your emotions

Teens Health: Understanding your emotions

Therapy for Black Girls: Weekly podcast about mental health for black girls & women

A weekly podcast chat about all things mental health, personal development for black girls and women.

Therapy For Black Men Therapist Directory and Resources

Access the Therapy For Black Men Therapist Directory and Resources

Therapy for Latinx: Directory for Latinx therapists near you

We know that mental health can be challenging, Finding a Therapist shouldn't be- A helpul therapist tool for Latinx commnuity members

Trans Lifeline: help for Trans individuals in need of support

Trans Lifeline is a hotline offering direct emotional and financial support to trans people in crisis – for the trans community, by the trans community.

Trevor Lifeline: Help for LGBTQ+ individuals thinking about suicide or in need of immediate support

Help for LGBTQ++ individuals thinking about suicide or in need of immediate support

Trevor Project: How to approach Intersectional Conversations for Black & LGBTQ folx

For people who hold multiple marginalized identities, it can sometimes feel overwhelming to explore the layers of intersectional conversations. Here are some approaches to consider before, during, and after a difficult conversation to make sure the dialogue — and your mental health — stays safe.

WeRNative: a place for indigenous young folks to get resources about their health

A resource for indigenous youth to learn more about their minds, bodies, culture, and relationships

Young Men's Health: Resources on emotional health for those who identify as male

A resource library for young men looking for more information on emotional health

Young Minds

We want to see a world where no young person feels alone with their mental health, and all young people get the mental health support they need, when they need it, no matter what.

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