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A Demo on Consent

This video demonstrates how to ask for and give consent

Boss Of My Body

Fun video on consent.

Check In First, How to Talk About Sexual Consent

Learn more about consent, find more resources, and get connected to Teen Guides who can help.

FORCE: Upsetting Rape Culture

Instagram account for a creative activist collaboration to upset the culture of rape and promote a culture of consent.

How Consent is like a Cup of Tea

If you're still struggling with consent, just imagine instead of initiating anything sexual, you're offering them a cup of tea.

How Does Your State Define Consent

From a legal standpoint, consent is a deceptively difficult question, since consent means something a little different in each state. This resource provides a detailed answer, customized for every state, in RAINN’s Defining Consent database.

Let's Play A Game To Practice Consent by Teen Talk

This interactive game is a fun way to practice consent

LGBTQ+ Stories about Surviving Sexual Assault

Read stories from LGBTQ+ survivors of sexual assault, get connected to resources and learn about consent.

RAINN: What is Consent?

Learn more about what enthusiastic consent can look like

Teach Consent

A video that models consent!

Victim Connect Resource Center

Visit this site for information or assistance in locating services that can help you or a loved one after experiencing sexual assault.

Youth Voices For Consent

A youth-led platform to end sexual violence and the cycle of trauma

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