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at selfsea you can find information on all kinds of topics. topics that you might not be comfortable talking about to the people around you. here you can find information on everything from how teenagers can deal with stress to identifying if someone close to you is addicted to a harmful substance.

filter out the noise on social media, YouTube, and Google. selfsea is curated for young people by young people who have similar experiences themselves

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thank you for creating one of the most inclusive, supportive, and non-judgmental spaces online.

selfsea wouldn’t be what it is without you, you’ve come together to create safe communities, and we are grateful that you’ve been a part of building this with us.

the mobile app and communities will be closing on June 30th, 2023, and the last day to create new posts is June 27th. we hope that our community can be of support to you in the meantime. don't worry, will still be here for you. we're making it bigger and better to meet your needs with our youth designers.

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selfsea was created for young people by young people. our youth co-designers are involved in every step of the design process, and no features or resources are added to selfsea without their approval!
yes! our customizable resource library and original video content are available to anyone
it sure is! no identifiable information is stored. if you want to learn more about how we keep you safe, check out our privacy policy
every resource on selfsea is vetted for accuracy and effectiveness by our team of experts with input from our youth design group. If you ever see something that you think shouldn’t be there, please reach out to
we do not provide crisis support or counseling services. If you need crisis support, text HEALTH to 741-741